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About Sara

Hi Friends!
I'm Sara, a photographer, wife, momma, coach and business owner.


I started my first businesses (yes, plural) when I was 24 years old—a very successful volleyball club and a portrait and wedding photography business.  I owned and loved these two businesses beyond measure for almost a decade.  Then my husband and I were blessed with a sweet, tiny, bundle of joy in 2019.  That’s when we finally decided it was time to move from The Greater Seattle Area to my perfect, beautiful hometown in wine country, Walla Walla.   


About one year into my newfound identity in motherhood, I decided that I needed something of my own again. Although, I still dream about the days I was blessed to play on many D1 courts and the evenings I spent coaching some of the coolest, most talented kids around; it was time for volleyball to take a backseat.  You see, I gave the game 2/3’s of my life.  If you could have a Ph.D in volleyball, I absolutely would have graduated from the program 2 times over.  I have always had big dreams and goals… HUGE.  Dreams of being a fashion designer for tall women, hopes of taking photography to the next level, a true desire to create and own something that I was responsible for in the business realm. 

It wasn’t until 2020 that my dreams and vision became clear.  Is it ironic that 2020 is the year of the optometrists? I digress. My passion for creating beauty, working with people, coaching and business had finally come together and formed one unique combination of all my passions—Pro Poser Photography.  Not only do I love continually bringing my business to new heights, but I absolutely love helping YOUR business grow as well. My business owning friends have always told me that I’m the best wing woman.  I get a great sense of pleasure cheering you onto new levels in business and in life. 

Owner and photographer of Pro Poser Photo, LLC (Located in Walla Walla, WA) Sara Todorovich-Ballas sits with her back to us while she overlooks and photographs the Walla Walla Valley from the Blue Mountains.  Fog coveres the valley.  It's beautiful!


The rush I get  watching small businesses make it to the big leagues is everything to me.  Not only do I get to work with incredible business owners, but I also get to see them  freaking SHINE and exude with confidence while using personally tailored  brand imagery.  I do it to create lasting relationships and to reconnect with old ones.  

Photography allows me to live a life of fulfilment because it fills my cup with both creative energy and business all in one.  There is nothing that makes me happier than seeing my neighbors grow and succeed.   I truly love living a life filled with servitude because if we aren't all positively serving each other are we really living?


Photographer, Sara Todorovich-Ballas, is holding her Canon 5D Mark IV camera.  She is wearing a green sweater that matches her content colors.  She is kneeling in the woods, smiling, while getting ready to photograph her client session.  Sara is the owner of Pro Poser Photo, LLC.
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